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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whats The Best Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Thats it just a simple question and the answer depends on the satisfaction level of the individual towards his/her insurance coverage. What I mean here is insurance coverage for your car. I am considering of changing my insurance coverage from AIG an American Brand to Malaysian product. I have been subscribing to AIG for a few years already and the reason being AAM is one of its agent. When I subscribe to AIG those days, I was provided with FREE towage in case of my car breakdown. But after THIS  experience and I promised the guy who answered me  on the  24 hour Toll Free  line that I will change my insurance coverage from AAM to another company. I am keeping my word so that AAM has lost another loyal customer. 

I know many of my readers have cars or motorbike and been using different insurance coverage. Hope my readers will response to this posting. Is it Etiqa, Kurnia or the many Takafuls. 

My car is an old faithful Proton Saga 1.5i ans has been on comprehensive cover ever since I bought it in 1997 and now my NCB is already at maximum. My present coverage will expire on 17 July 2010 and now I am looking for another insurance company. 

The criteria is not based on what gift they are going to give but the convenient and full after sales support. Vehicle owner buy insurance not because they need it but because it is compulsory. When it is compulsory, then insurance companies must also provide the much needed service by being their customer. 

Being an old car and i travel all over West Malaysia, my car will be susceptible to breakdowns. When a car breakdown most has to be towed from the breakdown location to a workshop. This tow charge is the most miserable problem for the car owner. He is thinking of how much to pay for the repair and the tow trucks operators are paractising their cut throat skills on these so called victims of car breakdown. You read my blog about this? A 20 metre tow will cost me RM80.00.

Which insurance provide FREE towage for breakdown and other after sales service?     

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dugong_darat said...


Well this is the first time that i ever arrive on your blog. Well it's kinda lovely to read your post.

I just wanna comment on this part only. For you information I've been in the insurance business while back in 2005 until 2007. Making some amount of money. Have to get back to Ipoh to buried my Father and been here since then.

If you know me well I will be quite bias when talking about insurance. Because in the business. But if you ask me, I will simply say, Choose Etiqa (Used to be called MNI Insurance back when I was with the company).

Why would I say that? One thing. After sale and service are the best. Especially the claim. I can prove it. I involve in an accident. My car was Toyota Unser. A total lost accident. But nobody believe me that i have got a Full Settlement of the claim. Suddenly I remember my ex-bos while I was doing a practical training in Perlis. He said that, MNI claim policy is give all what was the costumer claim, reduce the lost by selling usable part of the car.

My friend just had an accident. A very near dead accident. Been hit by a bus from behind and the only part that did not been hit is the driver sit. So lucky guy. But his car was insurance by Kurnia with a sum insured of 40K. Kurnia only want to pay amount of 16K because they claim that the engine still can be used.

But the problem of Etiqa is they did not provide any FREE towing services. But, no such thing is free now. What i do with this problem is, my phone have at least 5 towing driver that i knew. That is the way to get a cheaper towing. Be their friends.

And another thing about Etiqa. I kinda hard to get approval on getting a coverage. Especially when we have an old car. Same like mine. I also drive a Proton Saga. 1.5i Executive. The are too strict in giving a coverage to car. In my time, they will not take Toyota Harriers because of lost ratio are to mass. (The data was given by BNM). So I also suggest if you want to get a policy from Etiqa, maybe you need to find a good Insurance Guy.




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