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Friday, February 12, 2010

No Help From AAM When I Needed It Most

It rained heavily in Sungai Besi two nights ago but when I return to Seri Petaling, the rain stopped and i decided to stop for supper at Restoran Mirasaa. I had a first worst  experience when my order for a roti canai did not arrive on my table. I was sitting facing the table where the Indian guy from I ordered was preparing the orders. He was preparing the tosai when I ordered a roti canai kosong. My teh o ais limau arrived, my sons Milo ais also arrived and my wife's capati arrived. I was watching the guy from whom I ordered busy preparing the orders. He too looked at me from time to time. However until I finished my drink, the roti canai I ordered did not arrive. Shit!

After paying for the food that came to our table, we left. Everybody entered the car and then I could not start the engine. All the lights on the panel are on but the starter did not click to get the engine running. After trying a few times, then I decided to call for help. First the mechanic who attended to my car and changing the starter about two months ago. He was at Genting Highlands. Then I called AAM. It was the Toll Free line. 

A guy attended to my call. After taking all my particulars including location and nature of breakdown, then he only gave the answer that was not called for. He told me my AAM membership expired in 2005. True it expired in 2005. But when it expired, I did not renew it because I was made to understand that because I am a  AIG Insurance policy holder that I bought from AAM, I need not become a member. Fine. It was true, because when my car broke down a few times, I called AAM and they send me the mechanic. So being that AIG Insurance policy holder I bought from AAM they attended to my needs. 

However on this night the guy told me that he can't send me a mechanic because I have no membership with AAM. I explain that I bough the insurance from them and from my previous expreince I still get the service from them  without becoming a AAM member. After all I am still their customer and being loyal with the insurance that AAM is the agent since 2000. I hold a comprehensive insurance cover eventhough my car is a 1991 Proton Saga and my had maximum NCB ever since.  

The guy told me he can send the mechanic if I am willing to pay RM225 for membership. I did argue for sometime with him wasting my call credit and I promise him that I will change my insurance policy from AIG to another Insurance company when it expires in July this year. After all AIG is an American Company. 

I had to leave the car overnight in front of the 24 hours restaurant. Safe uh? Yes very safe because it is just a few metres away from the big screen and diners always around. 


The next morning I went to Seri Petaling to call a mechanic from the workshop barely 100 metres away from wher my car is. A guy came and inspect the problem. I had guessed its the starter and I was right. He tried to to some magic by knocking it and I tried to start but to no avail. He told me that I have to change the starter and I agreed because thats the only solution. He went back to his workshop and came back later to tell me that there is nobody to help push the car to the workshop and it has to be towed. The towing charge will be RM 80.00. SHIT!!. Towing the car for less than 100 metres cost RM 80.00. Cut throat mechanic. 

Then I walk to my regular workshop two blocks away that I use to send my car for service. I came back with a mechanic and just in less that 1 minute he get my car's engine running using a direct connection from the battery to the starter. So I drive my car to the workshop for repair. 

What I learn?
ONE - The first mechanic knew he could start the engine by direct connection but decided to rob me with the towing charges and think I am a stupid guy to fall into his trap. 
TWO - Don't panic and think loud before making your decision when in trouble. 
THREE - Its so easy for thieves to drive away a car whenever he can open the door. 

I got my car fixed.   

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