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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

The internet revolution is growing fast. Gone are the days when one has to sit in the study or living room to get connected to the internet. I still remember at my office in the 90s, there is only one desktop connected to the internet and downloading files to read takes a big chunk of time. However I am proud that I was among the first few who has the luxury to surf the internet back then on dial-up of course. Besides I am also proud to have the opportunity to follow the internet development from the days of Jaring that are being used mostly by schools as a learning tools. Then come the dial-up followed by Streamyx. After a few years wiereless came into the picture and followed by WiFi. 

WiFi has made fast inroad into the surfing experience of Malaysians and the arrival of Broadband generate more interest among net savvy citizen to jump onto the wagon. After a few years of WiFi came the Wimax that covers a wider area. Wimax provide a new surfing experience when users are more mobile and can get connected to the cyberspace anywhere and wherever they one. 

I follow all those mentioned development and now I am also riding on the Broadband waves. Wireless Broadband enables me to surf wherever I can. I have turned myself into an internet addict. My surfing experience can be considered as always on. 

To be able to get connected to mobile WiFi network one has to use the mobile modem. Malaysia can be considered lucky because the major Telcos has come up with their own Broadband plan and consumer has no trouble to choose the best service suited to their surfing experience. The latest technology that enter the Malaysian market is the Wimax which operates at a faster speed compared to EDGE, HSDPA WAP and 3G. Green Packet being the first operator to launch Wimax introduced a portable modem, Wiggy, for laptop. 
Wiggy that run on the USB slot enables user to roam far and wide anywhere in the P1 Wimax coverage. It enable user to surf at a blazing speed of 10 Mbps. Read more HERE.    
Everybody has some peculiar lifestyle in doing things. Some are taboo related. Some needs a better environment. This practice of doing things affect surfing lifestyle too. With more mobility people tend to surf at more places not to forget some with their favourite surfing spots. 

For me, my favourite surfing spot is my home after work. This is where I will place my netbook (that serve as the CPU) and connected to the monitor. I will be sitting here to surf the internet until I go to sleep.
Yes, this is my favourite surfing spot. First it is near the open balcony and wireless signal is much better. Secondly, I can get cool air for free and thirdly I can look outside to see the green leaves to destress my eyesight and rest my eyes. Too much straining on the computer screen can be a health hazard. A few weeks ago I can even see the KL Tower in the distance from where I am sitting. 

I also surf  at the office performing my official assignment and do not depend on my office network.  Wireless Broadband had given me the freedom to surf. Whether its office, home or on the move, I will always be able to get connected and never worry about searching for WiFi Hotspots anymore whenever I travel.
Whenever I travel on assignments four items will always travel with me; my mobile phone, my camera, my netbook and my mobile modem. On the move my favourite surfing spot will be a place where there is comfort and food available. I will choose a place with the wall behind where the monitor screen will not be exposed. The first reason is the screen will be clearer because there will not be any glare and secondly, other people can't see what is on my screen because I want some privacy. You think I want to surf porn, ah? Hahahaha.........Then I will position myself so that I face an open view so that while surfing, I can enjoy my favourite teh 'O' ais limau with either roti canai banjir or cakes or whatever while at the same time can oogle girls passing by....hahahaha.......mata keranjag..... 

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