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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Labuan Jun 2007

My flight was on AK 5176 to Labuan departs at 12.50. This will be my third time going to LCCT to fly on Airasia. I have to leave home at 10.00 in the morning and the driver will take me to the airport. As before LCCT is quite crowded which shows how warm the people take to flying as their mode of travel nowadays. The situation does not show at KLIA.

Arrived and immediately called Ardina, the consultant who will be flying on the same flight with me to Labuan. I am carrying an excess baggage and hope combining with her baggage, I can make up with the regulation of maximum baggage allowance that is 30 kilos for both of us. All calls were not answered and I was beginning to feel restless. For this trip I did not carry the larger travelling bag that I use to take along because in my mind if I carry the cabin sized bag, I can just check in the books that is already 12 kilos and definitely my luggage will be more than 3 kilos.

How do I know of her where about since I have never met her before. We only talk over the phone dealing with the program and from her voice I could tell that she might be a Sabahan. I can distinguish the voice exactly because after serving in Sabah for 7 years before returning to my home town its easy to tell where one come from. It might be translated for Indonesian but with the well trained ear in terms of experience its easy to recognise that its not Indonesian Besides that my wife is also a Sabahan.

I join the queue and hope that she will be somewhere. There were about 10 passengers in front of me and hope that will give ample time for the opportunity to met her before its my turn to check in.

Suddenly I saw a lady walk past the line that I am queuing. I took notice of her and at first my heart throb wondering what is my friend Lysa doing here in KL and not informing me of her visit. Oopppps no, its not Lysa because Lysa has a darker skin tone. But the way she walk, her body and her hairstyle resembles Lysa. After realising my misinterpretation I just waited in the queue. Then she just came and stand behind me and all a sudden mention my name. Waaaa.... a beautiful lady calling out my name aaa..(which in the end became friends)

“Yes I am, I answered.” Thanks god here she is. In my mind I was hoping that her bag is lighter so that is can compensate my excess baggage. All that while I was wondering how she know my name. Later when I asked her, she told me that she saw the wordings on the T shirt that I was wearing. It was a souvenir that was given during the Sports Science course in Bintulu a few years back. (Usually I wear a jacket with the name of my organisation at the back).

Then only I knew the reason I can’t contact her is because there is no coverage. No coverage!!. Hey Digi, where is your yellow man who always says I will follow you even advertise that the man travel to a foreign airport too before passing over the line to a local man of another colour. See, how advertiser can convince and confuse us to think that they are better. How good is digi when they boast that they have the widest coverage. How wide it is when not even LCCT, one of the main place of people confluencing is not being covered. Luckily I am still faithful with Celcom for the past 10 years and still using the same number. (Hey Celcom, you must reward me for promoting you). You see, I have no Ah Long calling me in the middle of the night demanding to pay my debt. Or a chettiar with the balck umbrella. Just joking. Hahahahahaha…………..but one thing you must remember, I am faithful. Hehehehehehhe……..(Am I?)

The plane that we board was the new Airbus and sporting the Manchester football club logo and players pictures. Am I a MU supporter? Erp, no. I don’t support any English League Club. I only support my home team, Kedah the Canaries’. But just a supporter and not a fanatic. On the plane I met a friend who is running a business importing used clothing (popularly known as bundle) and exporting them to Indonesia and Philippines. Well, the word bundle is getting popular and it includes shoes too. I know whenever my wife goes back to Alor Setar, she will not miss bundle. Not me though. I use to get free T shirts and I seldom wear men’s shirt except to work.

Upon arrival we were taken to The Waterfront Hotel where I will be staying for the next 5 days. Here I am, at the Waterfront and overlooking the Labuan harbour. (Wish I have a yatch and sail all over the sea)

A round Island trip.

After visiting Labuan for a few times, this time I had the opportunity to go sightseeing since we have access to a car. I suggested to the organiser that we go and see the Chimney. Four of us took off after settle things at the course venue. Me, Sulaiman, Kamal and Ardina. Our destination is the Chimney. The road leading to the place is quite easy, Its just straight up towards the North and Chimney is just at the side of the road.

After the chimney, we go straight a head towards Manikar Beach and our next stop was the Taman Damai, a place built to remember the peace between Japanese and British army during the 2nd World War. There’s a peace monument and surrender point. Before leaving had ABC (Air Batu Campur) and then proceed back to Labuan town.

I will write more about the travel here


Mystery LadyBird said...

Eeeiii jeles nyeee...Miri is jst nearby Labuan n yet I neva been ter..sedih kan..:(

zach said...

that is what we call rezeki. Since I work with my present organisation, I have travel to all major towns of Malaysia. So my next trip will be Mir Sunday 1 Jul7 2007.




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