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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Worst Dream that Is a Reality

As from 29th Jun 2007 I can be considered a non Malaysian citizen. Oh my god. I lost my identity. Erp.. I mean Mykad. It was a nightmare come true for me. Thing that I have been carrying throughout my travel all over Malaysia and some foreign land since joining my present organisation in 1995, gone zapppp!!!!.

I lost my wallet. Now I have no identity. Wait, I am still a Malaysian. I still have my international passport which is still valid till 2011. LOL.

The incident goes....... It was in the evening when myself, Ardina and Omar planned to have a bowling session. After prayer I came down to the lobby of the hotel and and waited for them. The lobby on the block where we are staying is just am empty space with sofa, some beautiful decor and a writing table. I was at the writing table and holding a TM IDD card trying to make a call. So when Ardina came down I just walk off. I realise the wallet was not with me when we reach the bowling centre at Ujana Kewangan and wanted to buy top up for my wife's phone. Only then I realise the wallet is not with me. So I thought I left it in my room 'cos I usually take out all things from my pocket when I wanted to perform the maghrib prayer.

I can remember during the bowling session I was so happy because of the fun we had during the game. Among us all non amateur players (I don't mean we are professionals too). At one moment I was asking myself why I am so happy at that time. Usually when one is too happy, it is a sign of something bad that will happen. After the bowling session we went for a drink at Crossroad listening to country music.

After returning to my room, I searched the room and couldn't find the wallet. So I track back my movements and very confident I had left the wallet at the block's lobby before going out with Ardina and Omar. I called the front office to ask whether anyone had found a wallet and the answer is no (the receptionist just came in for the night shift). I went down to the reception and made a report with the security. It was past midnight. He asked me whether I wanted to make a police report and I said I wanted to counter check in the car that we went out earlier. May I drop it in the car. It was raining heavily and quite a storm during that time.

I rang the door bell on Omars room and there were no answer. The reason is that Omar is holding the key to the car. Omars number was not in my hand phone and I decided to call Ardina (Dina, if you read this blog, sorry I woke you up). I got Omar's number and he was somewhere in town. So he came back and made the search. The wallet was not int the car. So I decided that we go to make a police report. I went toe the Labuan police station with Omar.

What I lost:
  • Mykad
  • Driving licence
  • Maybank ATM card
  • Affin ATM card
  • Affin Master card Debit card
  • Real Rewards
  • Bonus link card
  • Enrich member card
  • Staff Authiority card
  • Bank Islam Visa card
  • Library Card
  • Car Sparekey
  • Digi Simcard
  • RM 400 plus
That is fate. It is Qada and Kadar faom god which as a Muslim must believe in it. It is a wake-up call from Allah.

However there are some more cards that I took out from the wallet before the incident.
  • RHB Master and Visa Card
  • HLB Master Card
  • The Store Card
  • Citibank Master and Visa Card
  • HLB Amex card
  • Mayfirst Membership card
  • AMbank NextG card
  • etc.
A nightmare............ But to succumb to the incident will put me into stress. I am glad that I do not entertain the stressors. My job and my experience with sports psychology (I am not a sports psychologist) made me cope up with unforeseen circumstance.

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