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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Favourite Sport

This entry is to answer Nuffnang's Project Alpha call to write and post about My Favourite Sport. So whats my favourite sport? 

During my school days most of the time the game I played was football and badminton. Football is the game for almost all kids. If you own a football, you will be an admirer among your peers. You will be a self proclaimed leader among them. When Malaysia won the Thomas Cup, badminton became a craze and courts sprung up on almost all empty space. I form a team and we had friendly matches with other communities who also have teams. Medals were DIY's , made of engraved tin foil from Milo tins pasted to plywood and hung using used typewriter ribbons because of its red and black colour resembling the actual medal. And when you sweat, the colour will blend and stick yo the skin and shirt. Those were the days. 

Things changes nowadays. I have stop playing football after injuring my left knee in one of the matches when I was serving in Kota Marudu, Sabah. I stop playing badminton too and being sedentary for some years. Eventhough age is catching up but to me sports is still part of my life. 

Whats my favourite sports then? With age catching up, my physical self has been limited in getting involve in sports. When talking about my favourite sports I can talk about being a spectator or being involved in the sports. Ever since I started playing paintball in January 2009, it has been my most favourite sports now. Hearing the word paintball itself attracted my attention and sparked interest in me. Whether its on the electronic media or over the internet, paintball has really caught me. 

This extreme sports of paintball might not be very suitable for my age but I play it. I play not only as a recreational activities but competitively in the local league. Being an active player, the opportunity to be on the podium eventhough not receiving the highest medal, is still a memorable experience for a new player. Being an extreme sports, paintball needs lots of endurance due to its fast and swift moves.  

Paintball is a sports of endurance, skill and strategy. Paintball trains an individual how to be a team player. In order to win a game all the players must cooperate with other team mates in planning the attack, manage  strategies and always communicate. A good paintball player must be well equipped with physical strength, endurance and mental toughness. 
Both Photo credit :ego.Graphy
It also inject the element of discipline in all players. Among those is the strict safety rules and regulation that is a must obey for all involved to avoid inflicting injury to oneself of others around. Wearing of face mask all the time within the playing area, safety lock on for markers and barrel socks or plug on before exiting the playing area are some of the safety features that must be strictly followed. Players too need to learn be honest when shot at and marked, have to leave the playing area even when the referees did not see. Those are among the positive aspect of  the sport of paintball.  

Playing the sports leaves us with heavy sweating and perspiration after every game. Sometimes we have to play on wet and soggy ground and get our whole body messy and smelly. After which we need to clean and refresh ourselves. Showering alone will not help but we can use these complete range of products  to overcome.       
I am not sure how long I will keep playing this sport due to my increasing age. At times I found out that I am the oldest player at the venue and most are young players and some to the extend I can call them my son. However that does not demoralise me from playing the sports since I think I can create an example that getting involve in sports is not for the privilege few but for all to participate irrespective of age creed and religion.

This Project Alpha's season 2 blogging contest for week 6 tittle My Favourite Sports really suits the objectives and intention of the sponsors to promote their products especially the main sponsor Adidas Action3. Adidas is already synonym to sports and when we see or hear the word Adidas we are already thinking of sports. Adidas Action 3 has a range of products that suit the sports fraternity in terms of personal body care. 

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maRCus said...

waaaaaaaaaaaah! i see myself here!! XD

uncle, when i get back from Melaka, i arrange for the Yakuzas to come play k? =D

cikgu said...

When it comes to poaintball, I'll never forget the Yakuzas.
BTW I'll be going to Lendu, Alor Gajah on 11 Apr. Official assignment

AngeL BeaR said...

paintball!!! =)

anyway, will be going to marshal for my-npl this weekend.... =)

kenan said...

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