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Monday, March 08, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Take some time to stare at the picture and concentrate. Just imagine the fresh air and the surrounding greenery. Look around the house and try to feel the freshness. Can you smell the fragrance from this surrounding that is far from the polluted cities and urban environment where most of us live in.
Before you proceed just spare a few moment and practice your concentration skill. Look for some clue that can make this picture smell good.
If you still can't get the feel then there are still other ways to make it happen. And if you can't get the feel did you ask yourself why? Most of us might blame on the old dilapidated house, the compound that can be considered barren without any decoration of flowering plants.

This condition can happen to us living beings. Our body emits smells especially from areas where sweat use to settle. Under your armpit, on your neck, under your chin, behind your ears and in between....oooppppssss...I am not going to mention it. You can guess.

If we go to shopping malls where hypermarket are present, definitely one feature that is present is the perfume section displaying and selling varied brands. There are perfume for women and there are for guys too. Nowadays in modern guys toiletries bag as well as women's handbag one compulsory item is...errrr....no not condom......but deodorants and perfumes. Definitely more in womens handbag because there will be lipsticks, compact powder, mascara etc.

Why take all the trouble to carry all these things around when one can just store it neatly on the dressing table in their home? Just dab them on, spray it wherever necessary and then walk out of the house. But why? For one thing they want to be always smelling good. Perfume and deodorants especially with alcohol content evaporates into the air and thus returning the body to their normal smell. So these have to be renewed because of that reason: smelling good.

Everybody want to smell good. Whether they go out for leisurely walk on weekends, going to work on weekdays or even go to the gym, they still want the environment of smelling good. What is your immediate reaction if you pass by a guy or women who seems to be perspiring with sweat? Do you hold your breath? Well.....err....I use to do that.... the simple answer.....I don't like smelly smells...I just love good smell. So to feel the good smell you must always stay at the beauty counter, do you? Well...maybe not anymore.

You have heard about Adidas? I am sure most of us knew it. When we see Adidas and hear the word Adidas, I am pretty sure what comes into your mind is sports related items: the shoes, the socks, the sport shorts, jerseys, football and other balls with the three black stripe etc. etc. etc. Am I right?

Yes actually you are right. However Adidas did not just stop at sports apparels and items. They have ventured into the smell good market. Adidas has now an array of personal care products tailored for people who lead an active lifestyle under its Adidas Action 3 range. People who lead an active lifestyle really need the right stuff to keep them feeling good. The picture below are some of the prize that i won during the Project Alpha Season I blogging contest. Adidas present every basic requirement for active people. Just look for yourself and I don't think I need to list out the Adidas range of personal care because the picture itself tells the story. Its a full range of products from head to toe and not forgetting your shoes too where the worst smell can originate from. With these, you can leave behind your bad smells.

Then as soon as you leave your bathroom there is still more Adidas Action 3 product for the finale. There's this Adidas Action 3 Dry Max system for both sexes with the tagline Adidas's best defence against sweat with triple action (thus the name Action 3). Get these all new Intensive Anti Perspirant that comes in different condition and needs. With these you can forget the whitening effect because of its anti-whitening effect and hey....for Muslims never worry of using it during prayer. Its 0% alcohol content and Muslims, remember if god loves people who smells good what more we ordinary human being created by Him. Surely we all love to feel good too.

Go, get your Adidas Action 3 because I just love good smelling people.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by
Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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