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Friday, July 03, 2009


The issue is centred around pigs. First the world is on pandemic alert due to Influenza H1N1 or commly called swine flu. Change it to H1N1 virus strain and the pigs will be spared of being put in a bad name. Just like the predecessor, bird flu was transmitted from bird to humans and AIDSfrom monkeys, H1N1 was also transmitted from the animal kingdom. Am I correct? : correct! correct! correct................. hahahaha. Errr.....can human transmit virus back to the animals? In Malay it is called as selsema babi and the word babi can be deemed as vulgar if used to curse on someone while in anger. What is common is some humans do behave like animals and one of them is throwing newly born babies in rubbish dumps, or leave it somewhere and in certain cases the innocent baby dies. Do monkeys, pigs and other animal do that to their babies?

Up North in Kedah is also a story that is pig related. The issue is about the authority demolishing the only pig arbittior in Kedah that is at Kampung Berjaya. Kampung Berjaya is where my family home is located. It is just about 2 km away from the city centre andjust across the Sungai Kedah, on the way up to Kangar. The area was a mix of padi land and nipah swamps before being reclaimed and converted into dwelling areas. That was back in early 1960s. I can still remember we moved to this place in 1964 after the kampung where my family stayed at Lorong Sena in Telok Wanjah (its across the road opposite Star Parade (Pacific) Alor Setar. The 25 families who were victims of a fire at the place were resettled in this new place now known as Kampung Berjaya. The state government built 25 house to resettle the families and I can be proud to be part of the earliest inhabitants of Kampung Berjaya in 1964.

During the early days the area where the present Pasar Mergong is, there is only two buildings. Both are arbittiors and i used to play football at the empty field next to the two buildings. There was the slaugtherhouse for cows side by side to the pig arbittior. I am not sure when the cow slaughterhouse was moved but the pig slaugtherhoue remains. During the nights (after midnight) we can hear cries of pigs being slaughthered. Even though the noise do disturb the peace of our sleep, the communities just grouse among them but did not take any action legally or illegally. Read the chronology of the slaugtherhouse issue HERE.
Google Map showing the arbittior (circled in Yellow) andthe surrounding areas

Is it right for Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar to demolish the arbittior? As part of the resident of Kampung Berjaya, I agree with the action. The arbittior is not suitable anymore to remain in the area. It is now part of the city and around the building are three Malay dominated communities namely, Kampung Berjaya, Kampung Telok Yan and Kampung Seberang Terus. The area too that fall under Mergong has now become an industrial area and will one day be within the city centre. So is it suitable for the arbittior to remain?

After the time grace given to the administrator of the arbittior, they should have put more effort to find a new place and relocate it. The plan to relocate was put in since 1995 and do they have to take more than four years to find a suitable place for a house that is less than half the size of a football field. I see that the authority has to take that action or else the issue will still be nagging and one day we find a slaugther house in the middle of a city.

This issue to me has nothing to do with racial. It is about environment and health reasons not because its a pig slaugtherhouse but now being taken politically and racially. DAP being so vocal resulting in them pulling out of the Kedah Government PR coalition. I am wondering why DAP took the issue so harsly when by right it should be MCA or Gerakan as opposition. Is DAP so easily bought over by BN that they are bing used as scapegoats within the Pakatan Rakyat. The action by DAP will not mend the relationship between the Chinese and Malays when they go hand in hand to oust BN out of Kota Darulaman state Seat. During the next election, do I have to stay away from voting or spoil my vote if DAP were to contest with BN?

Now that small issue had given the opportunity to the mainstream media especially TV3 to blow it from ripple to waves. BN too took this opportinity to propagate that Pakatan Rakyat is so fragile. My point of view is that there is more democracy in Pakatan Rakyat when they can disagree with one another compared to BN who are made up of yesman.

Don't let pig stories bring down the PR.


maRCus said...

ayo. piggies again. haha. never stops eh in Boleh Land? if only people (the powers tht be) start to see things in a more objective light, and that not everything has to be race related.

oik oik! LOL

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