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Friday, July 24, 2009

Its Paintball All The Way

From this week onward, it will be paintball all the way for me. This is my mental preparation for the coming My NPL to be held at Dataran Pahlawan in Malacca. The ground will be of good turf. Hope it is real grass not artificial turf. Reason? we have been training on real grass and our body movement is adapted to it. So, if we are going to play on artifical ground, the body will have to do some more adaptation.

Tomorrow there will be my last training with my team Yakuza at ASTAKA in Petaling Jaya. I have never played elsewhere ever since playing this sport so I can't compare the venues. However what I can say is that seasoned players who train there were not stingy with technical and tactical advice. We will always get comments to improve our skills. Expecially those from Delta Rovers. Eventhough we did not ask for tips, they were ever willing to provide some. Thats the beauty of training at ASTAKA.

As I mentioned earlier its paintball from now until the My NPL in early August. Playing in a tournament is not recreational anymore as compared to training. Tournament is all about results; whether it outcome or performance. For my team I think we need outcome. We are gearing to end up on the podium. Ending on the podium means automatic upgrading to Division 3 in 2010. Being on the podium too does not mean just prize but status. It means indirectly gaining respect from opponents in future tournament. It will mean some psychological advantage for us in future because the element of confidence of winning seeps in.

Yes, I want to get the taste of being a winner. My playing years is not much due to my age. So, once in my playing life, I want to feel how it is like to step on the podium.

Winning is a matter of mindset and perseverance. A player has to set up the mind (mental skill) with a positive winning attitude. If he want to win, his whole body will work to win.

I would like to share the philosophies to Teamwork and Leadership by Jimson Lee who posted his article in speedendurance.com. Read the details on the website.

1) Find the right player

2) Give each player a valued role - everybody is important.

3) Create a unique identity to the team (Yes!!!!! we are The Yakuza)

4) Commit to winning.

5) Give them a vision

6) Play / work with passion.

One way of preparing the mind is to visualize. Sit back in a relax position and visualize yourself in the game. How you move, where you move, who to eliminate or bunkered? Move from one bunker to another and eliminate. Study the field and plan the move in your mind. Visualization is one of the important exercise in preparation for competition . It is part of training that provide not only competitive edge but also renewed mental awareness and sense of well-being.

For the last few nights, I have been downloading video clips from You Tube and will be using those to help me visualize the technical moves and tactical moves from experienced players especially those from European and US including tutorial video clips. Watching, remembering and memorising the moves will help a player during the game in terms of providing manipulative information that he might be able to pick and use in the game situation.

The mind has to be set from now on.


maRCus said...

Dear Uncle,

I am personal, SO VERY MOTIVATED from reading your post!! As you may have guessed, i, like you, have trouble sleeping at night because i owis terbayang paintball!! haha

i like what you rote about visualization and how it helps to prepare the mind. and the fact the you also DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS is out of this world!! hahaha

boy am i glad to have you on the team uncle!! XD

it is now or never, like you said, being on the podium etc. and i want to work with you to get where we both wnat to be!!

the mindset in on now.

What ever happens will happen, but we will perform better than before. I can feel it!


cikgu said...

I hope all team members will their mind too so we can end on the podium




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