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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just Another Nice Xperience - Klang

Yesterday (28th May 2007) I went to Klang for another official duty. This was my first journey to Klang on KESAS Highway since they increase the toll rate. I found it not worth travelling past those toll gates with so much money to pay the concessionaires when I still have to use the same facilities as before the toll rate revision. So for me it is not worth going to Shah Alam, Klang, Sunway or USJ from my place in Bukit Jalil. But yesterday I have to go and nevermind, the government will pay for my toll which is RM 2.50 at Sunway and RM 1.00 at Padang Jawa. I escape the Awan Besar toll since I go through Taman Bukit Jalil and save RM 2.50 for a teh tarik and roti canai.

The rain was heavy when I drive out of my home and the road around the traffic light to Taman Bukit Jalil was submerged under about 6 inches of water (maybe more) forcing the left most lane to be abandoned by cars. Of course it created a bottleneck and the vehicle was slow moving on both side of the highway. Furthermore the traffic light was not working which created more trouble for the drivers.

It has been a rare occasion when I get stuck in a traffic jam or slow moving traffic since from my house to the office and back took me under 5 minutes without any jams. How nice I can still leave my house at 8.00 and be at the office before the clock in expires.

Traffic on KESAS Highway towards Sunway was quite heavy, I think the normal situation on rainy days. KESAS Highway provide motorcycle lanes for motor cyclist but on every occasion using the highway one can see motorcyclist speed along the cars on the same lane. I just wonder what the law enforcer has been doing about this law breakers.

Reached Klang and my next mission is to locate the Continental Suite where my programme will be held. I was given the landmark of Mydin, a famous shopping centre when you want to buy in bulk. I knew Mydin and follow the road but I still can't find the hotel. I drove across the river and ended up near Istana Alam Shah. The Malay Proverb has is that "sesat di hujung jalan kembali ke pangkal jalan" (if you lost your way at the end of the road, go back to the starting point). So I drive towards pusat bandar and again cross the Klang river on another bridge. Alamak now the hotel sign board is very clear. If I was told it is near Plaza Metro Klang, then I might have not lost the way. To another experience a friend of mine who wanted to come to the same place asked me for the route to take. Now I can tell him where to go. Its on Kapar Road or Meru Road. Both these road meet at the same junction. "My nephew has been doing business here for 30 years, and he doesn't know where Continental Suite is." That was his comment. Hmmm........

If you want to find it here's the hotel information (sorry guys, a 4 star hotel without a website, but hey. Sure its a 4 star hotel? Doesn't look so) Continental Suites Klang, Lot 336, Seksyen 23, Jalan Meru, Klang, 41050 Selangor. +603-33437171. A 4-Star downtown hotel, with 2 F&B outlets and rooftop swimming pool located in the same building as the Mydin superstore in the middle of Klang Town Area. The hotel is situated near the Klang Bus Station and Shaw Parade. Prices start from RM120 nett with two breakfast. They have WiFi access for guests too.

Leave Klang for home in the evening. So going through Federal Highway is cheaper than using the KESAS Highway. If I take KESAS I will have to pay RM 1 at Padang Jawa and RM 4.40 for at two toll gate. It will cost me RM 5.40. Using the Federal highwal I just have to pay RM 1 at Padang Jawa and RM 1.10 at Batu Tiga Toll. So just RM 2.10. Now I can use the estra for a plate of Nasi Lemak biasa and teh O ais limau. Better than paying the toll concessionaires. However there was a slow moving experience just after the Jalan Utara exit right up to Mid Valley. Just like the KESAS Highway, motorcyclist also zoom on the same lane with cars. They so brave, do not sayang nyawa.

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