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Saturday, April 09, 2011

What A Rude Awakening

It was a 'rude awakening' this morning morning when I woke up and switched on my phone after being dead for running out of battery sometimes last night.

There is a message received at 9.41 am from shortcode 66600 informing me that I have redeemed my Kad Mesra point. 70838155104630143 ; 17002 mata ganjaran ditebus di PSS Spg Pulai arah Utara 07/04/11; 17:38:36.

What!!! How can I redeem my points at Simpang Pulai when I am here in Bukit Jalil. It is my card no doubt because mymesra contacted me to inform of the transaction on my phone. Yes, I lost my card on 3rd of March 2011 between 12.47 and 1.10 am at Simpang Pulai RnR Petronas Station (check my Foursquare check-in history). I only realise that I might have lost my mesra card when i wanted to fill up at another Petronas station in Alor Setar. When I trace back I was sure I lost it at Simpang Pulai Arah Utara. I did not fill up at the station but buy some drinks and snacks at the counter tended by a lady.  

It might be due to my carelessness because I was in a hurry since my brother is in the ICU ward at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital Alor Setar, that I forget to collect back my card after the lady swipe it. I presume the lady must have put it back on the counter but didn't she realise that the card is still there when I left. As far as I can remember there is not many people around because it is not the peak hour of the night. If she does and she is honest she must retain the card and surrender it to her supervisor. Read on and you will find out about my assumption.

The following week on the same reason as the previous week I stop again at Simpang Pulai RnR to inquire about my card. One Malay guy took out a stack of mesra and ATM cards that customers had accidentally left at the station but my card was not there. If that lady notice my card and surrender it to the supervisor, surely the card is there. 
Thats the history. 

Back to this morning. 

This bloody guy who might have 'stolen' my card left on the counter or the given by the lady at the counter. Err.... does she have access to read the card particulars? I think so because of the availability of on site redemption. 

This bloody guy must be someone who drive a high powered car, might be educated or have lots of money (but still steals). I checked with mymesra and was told that my points of 17002 was redeemed with petrol worth more than RM100. My 1991 Proton Saga can only fill up to about RM80 full tank.  So this guy must be driving an expensive car with that much of petrol on full tank. 

So, some people with brain are not that honest after all. He must have stolen and kept my card all this while and checked my available point and fill up. He can't redeem it from mymesra because the items redeemed will be sent to my home address. He is a smart fool......errr...smart bloody fool. Hope he read this posting. 

This morning after my call to my mesra, I was told that my stolen card will be terminated. So, you that bloody fool, keep that card as souvenir to tell your children and grand children that you are a thief and just steals RM 100 eventhough you have a fat wallet.    

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