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Monday, February 15, 2010

KLite Exodus, Ops Sikap, Lurking Dangers

Whenever one arrive back home from Kuala Lumpur during festive season nowadays, among the first question asked is "tak jam ke?". Highway being flooded with heavy traffic is not alien anymore especially on the eve of first holiday and last day of any national festivities or long weekends. Many blogger will blog about it. I have blogged about it and not worth blogging about the same thing.

However what I am going to post in this entry does not sway away from the festive season exodus of KLite. It is common every time the season came, there will be to Ops Sikap. I don't know what number is this Ops Sikap and most people (me inclusive) couldn't care less about the operation. Every time the operation came into effect, the number of accidents, deaths and summons will be highlighted. We are being told that there will be more police personnel on the road to take care of the Ops Sikap with the objective of reducing road fatalities and save life. I just don't understand what do they mean by more police personnel on the road because whenever I hit the highway, I hardly see any, either on their super bikes or patrol cars. Then there those lousy self interest bastard drivers zooming along the emergency laneswhen other drivers moving slowly in the queue and where are the police?

I use Route One on most stretches on my home bound to the North and also back to to KL. Reason : I have no money to pay for the toll and also as a protest lar........ Why pay toll when you are entering into the stress driving zone? Paying toll means getting a better journey and save time. But how do one get a better and fast journey when traffic is just a crawl. One will never have the opportunity to drive at the maximum speed of 110 Kmph. A normal 45 minutes journey from Bukit Lanjan to Tanjung Malim will take two hours and those bloody bastard drivers using the emergency lane makes the stress level raise.

This time around, I begin my journey using Route 1 beginning at 12.00 midnight from Batu Caves and I reached Alor Setar at about 10.00 a.m in the morning. Minus 4 hours of sleep at Padang Rengas Mosque, I still made an 8 hour journey and less than RM 20 for toll and its my normal travelling time. I would have taken a longer time if I were to use the PLUS highway all along at a crawling pace.

The authority should upgrade Route 1 to give alternative to road users and choose between using the highway or the Jalan Lama (like me). It's not the driver alone to be blame for road accidents. Road condition and adequate signages are one of the reasons for road accidents especially for night driving. Being a night user, I found out that the road condition is a bit dangeruous especially for once in a while drivers. You will not be aware of the turns unless one use the high beam but that will distract the oncoming driver. Dangeruous spots need to be properly marked with luminuous paint if not lighted. As an experience I missed a two feet high divider somewhere before the bridge if Sungai Kepayang before reaching Simpang Pulai. I only realise that there is a divider after passing it. There is no proper warning signage of the wide divider. If I were to hit it, my car could have turn turtle and worst still hit or run down by another user.

Somewhere along the stretch within the red circle is the about two feet divider that I missed at night.

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