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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Divorced AMAX - Talak 1

Today last week I subscribed to AMAX Broadband service to test whether I can get a better signal for my internet connection. It was a RM 88 per month at 1 Mbps download speed. My house is just not more than 1/2 a km away from the base station at Technology Park and is on the fringe of the coverage area based on the map.

On the first day I laid out the modem and connect it to my router. The first signal I got was NETENTRY-RANGING. That shows I could not get log on to the internet because I must have the AWAKE status and my CINR must be at least 15,15 (please don't ask me about technicalities).

I called the customer service and I can give the customer a thumb up because the guy at the other end really did his best to guide me through my problem until I manage to get the AWAKE status and my CINR increased to 15,15 (minimum required). It was a landline and not the 1-800 line (eventhough there is for AMAX). He asked me to reposition the moden and what an awkward place to have to place it. It was in my daughter's bedroom that face the Technology Park across the Sungai Besi-Puchong expressway. That's the only spot where I can at times get CINR to register more than 15,15. Move a few inches away and the signal can get to negative. Luckily I can receive the signal from the router that I connect to the modem. Or else I have to buy lengthy cable and wire the house (which does not live up to wireless connection).

A few days after that, suddenly I couldn't get any connection and called the customer service again. Once more thumb up for him because he did really gave the service I needed. After some guide from him through the "technical maze", I found out that the amber light does not light up. And that's when he said, "Take your modem to AMAX for replacement." One day of trial goes bust, err...I mean cyberspace? So, I took the modem to AMAX at TTDI where the technician said he reboot it.

At home I juggle with the location and signal again. The whole evening until the wee hour of the next morning, I was meddling with moving the modem all over the house and even into the toilet. Remember Mr Bean having problem with his TV reception until he has to strip and cover himself with the carton box. It's lucky for him the box is big enough the cover most part of him. Just wonder I have to do that and cover my body with just that small modem box.

When I place the modem in its previous location, I just get an OUT OF ZONE status. Worse still, I can't use the router anymore to get connected to the internet. Then again I can't connect to the Wimax Gateway using my account on my netty. Whenever I key in it answered with the Oops! This link appears to be broken and registered this URL (what is this?) I have to use the Guest account.

After all those trouble, I guess why I keep my "marriage" with AMAX and stress my mind. Moreover, I might be moving back to Jitra in December which is just half of the contract term and still have to pay RM88.00 a month for another 12 months for nothing because there is no coverage there.

I made my final test on Friday noon and the most I can get the CINR is 12 and when it refresh, the CINR can decrease until it goes negative.

Finally i made up my mind, I have to divorce AMAX and get back my dowry...err..I mean refund instead of keeping it and face a stressful condition whenever I want to get connected to the internet.

Now I have to be just satisfied with what I have.

When will our broadband service live up to the Multimedia Super Corridor objective.


While surfing and reading blogs, I came across this interesting post and downloaded the attached photo.

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