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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Broadband : I am Not Alone When P1 Wimax Sucks

Seems that I am not all alone facing the stress of using P1Wimax broadband service and Maxis Broadband. I have posted a few entries in this blog before and even on my Twitter and Facebook to vent my anger to send a message to Green Packet that their broadband service sucks. In this entry, I copy and paste two complain letters sent to the Editor of  NST .complaining about poor broadband service too.

I just wonder why PM is so anxious to proceed with Mega Speed Internet when the service provider can't even solve basic broadband service.

My P1Wimax experience is just all nightmare. Even though if the signal shows green, I still couldn't get the first page loaded , what more to carry out the speed test. I sent a twitter message #P1Wimax but there is no response. However they are very efficient about reminding me of my subscription due date by sending an email and SMS to my phone but service is taik kuching.

BROADBAND: Have quality checks on their services

L.K.K. , Petaling Jaya
I HAVE been a Maxis mobile broadband subscriber since February last year.
As a heavy user, I find the quality and availability of this service are getting from bad to worse, even in populated areas and commercial centres in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur where I live and work.

I am experiencing very slow upload and download speeds (it takes up to 10 minutes to send a 1MB file and up to a minute to open a single webpage).

Disconnection occurs every five to 10 minutes.

Many Maxis customers have experienced the same problem. There were two other occasions this year when I had to complain to Maxis that I could not even log in into the network.

The reason is obvious. Maxis is not investing enough to increase the speed and bandwidth of its 3G and 3.5G networks.
Therefore, when there are many users in the same area, broadband speed slows.

If Malaysia wants to be a leading country in information and communication technology, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission must enforce key performanceindicators by conducting regular field tests on service providers, be it mobile, wireless or cable.

Service must be up to mark in terms of quality, measured on the basis of average upload and download speeds, and overall availability of service over a specific period in a populated area.

Those who fail the tests should be given a heavy penalty for non-compliance.

The commission should also encourage service providers to invest in new technologies with higher connection speeds and wider bandwidth to replace networks that will soon become obsolete.

Japan and Korea have done well in this aspect as otherwise they would not be recognised as the few countries in the world with leading information technology and wide broadband adoption.

BROADBAND SERVICE: It's our right to demand our money's worth

YUVARAJ, Kuala Lumpur
I REFER to L.K.K.'s complaint about broadband services ("Broadband: Have quality checks on their services" -- , NST, Nov 9) and would like to relate my experience with another broadband service provider.

I live in Sri Segambut and have been a P1 Wimax subscriber since February.

I am not a heavy user but my two sons, who are college students, use this service regularly.

Initially, we were impressed and satisfied with the P1 Wimax service. But for the past few months, we have been experiencing very slow speeds (both upload and download).

The service is also not stable. On some days, we have experienced interruptions for many hours.

My sons have checked with their friends living in Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya and found that they, too, have experienced the same problems with the P1 Wimax service.

I am very disappointed with the failure of P1 Wimax to provide reliable service to its subscribers.

As L.K.K. says, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) must ensure that broadband service providers do not fail their subscribers.

It is the responsibility of the MCMC to conduct regular and thorough checks on all the Internet service providers and impose penalties for non-compliance.

After all, when these service providers are prompt in demanding their payments on the due date, why should their subscribers not demand that the services provided are also prompt and reliable?

With the poor service by Green Packet I wonder why they are given the licence to operate G4 service.


Anonymous said...

I am also a P1 Wimax user and I can confirm that it SUCKS!!!!!!!
The signal in my area (selayang) is great but the service is really unstable. I keep getting cut off and my sons have given up on it. Luckily I still keep my streamyx line.
Hope more will join this protest.

cikgu said...

thanks Lim, we can also forward our complain to CFM at www.cfm.org.my

Benjamin said...

I feel you man!
I'm going to Cut away from my p1 as soon as my 1year subscription expires mid of this month!
Their line is stupid and they always say "connection is based on best effort", so I've been paying my bills based on best effort too! lol!
I told them I'm not gonna pay for a sucky line, and the damn color has been red or yellow for 9 months out of my 1 years subscription.




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