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Monday, July 13, 2009

Blogging In Miri - Going LCCT-MYY

I thought I have to fork a few hundred Ringgit more to buy another flight ticket to fly to Miri from LCCT. It was quite a stressful ride on the KL Central- LCCT shuttle bus and the speed of the bus seems so slow. Time is running fast for me.

My flight from LCCT, Sepang to Miri was at 15000 hours (3.00 pm) and the bus took off from KL Central at 1.10. The journey will take about 1 hour. It all started when my daughter can't send me to KL Central by car because she is playing in the Futsal tournament at Kompleks Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil. My other daughter too went to Johor to attend a wedding and my wife can't drive. So I have to take the LRT from Bukit Jalil station to Mesjid Jamek before changing to the Kelana Jaya line to KL Central.

As usual when one step down to the ground level to where the express bus to LCCT is stationed, ther will be the company's worker canvassing for passengers to ride their company's bus. There was a group of worker from the yellow bus company (can't make up the name of the company) waiting to grab prospective passengers. The bad image about them is that they will approach you thug like. Of course they are not thugs but the way they lure prospective passengers are like thugs. I repeat, they are not thugs but just to competete with another shuttle provided by Airasia which is RM1 more than the yellow company. Airasia bus is RM 9.00 per trip while the other one is RM 8.00. Travel duration more or less the same.

It was 1.00 p.m. One of the guy (quite an old thin guy) asked me for my flight departure when I asked him when will the bus leave. He told me it will leave at 1.20 and I will reach LCCT about 2.20. So it merely mean that I might miss my flight. He even toldme that I have to buy another ticket to fly. When I turn and see the Airasia bus, he told me that the bus will leave at 1.30. So he said if I don't want to miss my flight, I must take a taxi and he called a guy, whom I think is a taxi driver. Immediately what came into my mind is there might be some sort of secret dealing between both of them. Or else why will the guy be there when it was suppose passengers go to the taxi terminal to board.

I decided to take the bus after all because, eventhough the schedule is 1.20, but usually, the bus will leave without waiting for the scheduled time if it is full. I sat in the first row and then suddenly the Airasia bus that the guy told me will leave at 1.30 left at 1.00 and 20 minutes earlier than the bus that I am on. I do curse the man in my heart. Meanwhile, all the while I was praying that there is full capacity and the bus will leave before schedule time.

We arrived LCCT at 2.10 p.m. I took my luggage and rushed to the check-in counter. Then at the baggage scanning machine there was a long queue and that raised my stress further. Immediately after scanning, I rushed to counter R21 and saw that the signage has been switched off. However, there are still staff manning the counter and I asked to be checked, and she asked for my ic. Phew!! what a relief for me at the moment. I manage to check in and am on my way to Miri.

There were grouses and complain that Airasia does not honour time and some people change the tagline "Now Everyone Can Fly" to Now Everyone Can Be Late". But maybe passengers on that flight AK 5186 were among the lucky ones. The plane landed 15 minutes before schedule time. So "Now Everyone Can Be Early".

Miri, here I come again and could see some visible changes. The last time I came there is no flyover but there is one somewhere near Dynasty Hotel (the first hotel I stayed on my first trip to Miri years back. There are new building and some high rise around.

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