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Monday, February 04, 2008

It's A Jews Agenda To Track You

I am sorry if you are a Jew but I have to write this post as a responsibility to my friends who are not Jews. When Palestine was robbed and given to the Jews, the Palestinians live within a difficult situation and bear all the hardship till today. The map below show how the greatest robbery in the 20th century changed the world map.

The Jews are descendants of Abraham and their religion is Judaism. Abraham is also one of the 25 prophets.

Today Jews control most of the activities of the world. They infiltrate the minds of other race through entertainment, technology and varied activities. The invention of credit card to represent cash in business transactions is one way to track movements of people. Usage of credit cards has become a culture of most people nowadays. As a tradition, people with money will use credit card instead of cash. Usually prominent public and political leaders will use credit card when purchasing goods especially when oversea because it's the safest method to carry money. Most of us too loves using credit card in our daily transactions because to many, flashing credit card is a representation of our status. But what is behind the use of credit card, actually?

Every credit card comes with individual codes and tracking numbers. Therefore anywhere we go on earth, the credit usage of the card can be tracked. So no one can hide from the trackers. They knew your whereabout. They can track your movements. They can track your spending habits, etc. Many individual information can be harvested from your using of the credit card. I blogged about the information stored by hotels when using credit card to pay your room bills at hotels that uses key card instead of the normal key. That is just a simple example of how your information can be harvested without you knowing or realizing. In one way or another we are actually revealing our own private information that can be used by unscrupulous individuals. Therefore don't be surprise if your credit card bill state that you made some purchase online but in actual fact you don't.

The Jews also uses the internet to track you. Every computer have their own unique IP address and this exposed your location to the nearest address. So there is nowhere to hide. No, I am not going to scare you but just an information that we are trackable with just simple electronic and technological gadgets, such as a simple plastic of your credit card.

I found out another tactics of the Jews to collect data using the internet. It was just a chance by coincidence when I found a widget on one of the blog. It was actually promoted as finding your look a like. Out of curiosity I clicked and was sent to My Heritage website which is the family tree genealogy. How nice to have some software to build and keep track of your family. I registered and start building my family tree. So simple.

After building my family tree, I tried to search for my look alike from the same website. I was instructed to upload three face photo of myself and after being scanned, it asked to upload face photo of my mother and father. Luckily I don't the photos on my computer and I did not proceed with the search.

This morning when I log in to my email, I found out that the website is based in Israel and immediately it cross into my mind that its a Jews agenda. Its easily unsuspected. So I will not proceed with my family tree anymore and will not find my look alike on the internet. I realize that we can't run away from being tracked day an night, but my philosophy, let them track me but I am not supplying them my information voluntarily. Whenever I can refrain from being tracked, I will perform my right.

Conclusion: your move are tracked. There's nowhere to hide.

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Anonymous said...

How the heck can you associate a religion with tracking people????
What the f**k is your problem with Jews?
Why would anyone want to track you?
F**kin retard




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