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Saturday, January 12, 2008

AMBP Gathering @ Starbucks The Garden, Midvalley

This is the second bloggers gathering I attended. The first was in Miri in July last year while i was on an outstation assignment and coincidentally a friend Molly who blog under A Women's Diary invited me to their gathering.

AMBP (All Malaysia Bloggers Project) was organised by AllMalaysia/AMBP at Starbucks The Garden in Midvalley. AMBP is a project by The Star, an English tabloid born in Penang. I am a member of MyStar of that online paper and what motivate me to keep abreast with their activities was after my blog As I Travel...... were shortlisted as the top 20 blogs during the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 promotion.

At first I thought I will be out of place after seeing that those present are young bloggers.

With Mr Samuel Goh

However I a bit pacified when I found another blogger who is in my age category and representing the veteran generation of Malaysian blogger. He is Samuel Goh who blog under MotivationinMotion. So only two of us. Mmmmmmm................

May Ong and Sammy

Besides Samuel I also had the opportunity to met Cathy-Keris Films Sdn. Bhd Marketing Executive, Jane Ng. Present were also (I mean I met and have a chat with) are May Ong and Jane of Crazeefit. A young lady blogger who joined our table is Sammy who gave us her blogsite as ilikeloofahs. There is also a group of disabled bloggers and a familiar blogger of the group that I knew is Peter Tan who blog in Digital Awakening. I use to read his blog after stumbling by accident when I read Jeff Ooi's screenshots.

I know I should have mingle around with other bloggers but seems that most are together with their own group of friends, I thought I can't get acquainted and suit them well.

With Peter Tan of Digital Awakening. Sorry the other guy I forget to aske your name.

Lucky Draws were also conducted and I won myself a baseball cap and Double pass for the premier screening of Cloverfield at Cathay Cineplex, Damansara.

The goodies that I took home from the gathering. A pen, a soft rubber ball, The Star coaster, mini torch, name card holder, double complimentary pass to 20th Century Fox's screening of Sweeney Todd, 2 Free cupcakes from cupcakechic@the Curve, food and dessert discount from cora cafe, The Gardens. The baseball cap and cinema invitation is won in the lucky draw.

I would like to convey my appreciation to AMBP teams for organising the gathering and hope in future more activities can be arranged for such gathering instead of just hanging around with fellow bloggers. To the team keep it up.


Peter said...

It was a pleasure meeting you. The third guy in the photo is Redzuan of http://www.cybersonique.org/.

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

"I know I should have mingle around with other bloggers but seems that most are together with their own group of friends, I thought I can't get acquainted and suit them well."

I have to agree with some points you and May mentioned about. No, I didn't have the chance to talk to you, as it wasn't easy to walk around.. but I did bump into Samuel.

I see this kind of gathering as a rich networking platform. It would definitely be better if there're more activities in the event.

ZACH said...

thanks peter for visiting my blog and the info about the redzuan.

yuen- thanks too for dropping by.

AndyC said...

hi there, did not have the chance to have a chat with you at the gathering. see you on the next one. :)

Michael said...

thank you for attending our little event! it was nice meeting you and the other bloggers. we hope all of you had a good time.

yuen-chi, we appreciate the honest comment, will definitely plan more activities in the future.

once again, thanks!

ZACH said...

hi micheal, i feel delighted to be able to attend that gathering and looking forward for your next programme. congratulation for you and your team who put up the effort to organise it.

Ricky Tan said...

hie zacH~ nice to meet u :)

ZACH said...

hi ricky,
me too, maybe next time we can get to know more abt each other.

Danny Foo said...

A much overdue comment. :)

Like a new blogger, I suppose even the matured bloggers would be fearful in approaching the younger generation. But we're all really a friendly bunch.

I'll make it a point to come over and shake hands with you next time around. To help you take some of the fear away. ;)




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