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Monday, July 02, 2007

Mile High Blogger?

This two weeks I have been flying to East Malaysia. Last week it was a one week official trip to Labuan on Airasia and now blogging (drafting) at 3000 feet in the air, on Mas en route to Miri, again for another official trip. I will be staying in Miri for another five days before returning to Kuala Lumpur on Friday. I am hoping in Miri I can meet bloggers there over a cup of tea.

I have heard about the mile high club and ermmm…..its those people who have the opportunity of having sex above the clouds. Sex…hmmmm, what an activity in the air. So what about bloggers who blog in the air? What shall we call it. Hope bloggers who read this can come up with suggestions and we can create our own club of bloggers who blog in flight. If having sex in the air is more of a private affair and secluded but blogging can be done with curious eye of the passenger on the next seat.

The plane was suppose to take of at 1315 hrs but due some technical problems it was delayed for about 45 minutes. We will be expected to arrive at 1610hrs due to the delay. That’s what’s the Malay proverb says,” Human only can plan, but god makes it happen.

I found that choosing my favourite seat sometimes is very convenient. My favourite seat is 27F on Boeing 737. sometimes then the plane is not full, usually these last seat were unoccupied. I could remember once when we were flying from Tawau to Kuala Lumpur the plane was half full and row 27 were not occupied. I requested for the seat and its only 27A and 27F is occupied. 27A is my friend who travel together with me. And now seat 27E is not occupied. Once on my return trip from Sandakan the plane transit at Kuching International Airport and from Kuching row 27 is occupied by off duty flight attendants. I was on 27A and 27B was a male steward and on 27C a stewardess. Waaaaa…., why not the stewardess sit on 27B. Urggghhhhhhh…..

Therefore when the seat is not occupied then, I have more room to put things next to my side. Seee…..now I can draft my blog here on my seat.

Last week I travel with a companion. Not just an ordinary companion but a sweet young lady in her twenties. I just say to myself what people around were looking at us, an old man with a young lady in her 20s. It can be any interpretation. A father and his daughter. A man with his mistress. A man with his girlfriend. Ermmmm… definitely not a man with his wife. And if someone I knew spotted me with her, it might create suspicious interpretation. Eh….this X travels around with his girlfriend. No wonder he likes to travel a lot. Hello….don’t misinterpret. I am still sincere to my wife and being with another women is just for the sake of duty. We work with both genders so what the fuss all about of a married man talking and walking with another lady. And the lady I was with last week is the one who manage my trip that time. I learn something from her. (I might write another blog about it)

I am trying to recall my first experience flying. It was in 1994, when I was on my way to Kota Kinabalu to attend my teaching training at Gaya College. My father, mother, uncle all came down to Kuala Lumpur to see me off. It was the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang. My father asked me to wear his worn out coat since I am going to travel in a plane. Their perception was travelling by air is very exclusive and I must dress properly. Well, at the airport, only myself wear a coat. The flight was on a Fokker and took nearly half a day.

Since then I have been flying every now and then and when I joined my present organisation, I can fly like taking an express bus. Thanks to my decision to quit my job as a teacher after serving for 19 years.

Actually I am looking forward to visit Miri. During my last visit, I met a friend, Lyssa. Remember what I write in my last blog here?


Mystery LadyBird said...

27F?? K..note it down 4 my nxt travel trip, kot2 leh duduk sblah 'mamat belon' aka steward.. ;p

Btw, hw did u manage 2gt 'connected' up in d air? I tried b4, xder signal ape2 pun.. ;( Mayb, nxt time I g duduk dgn pilot, leh gak 'fogging' sesama.. ;p

zach said...

actually draft the blog in flight.




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