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Friday, June 15, 2007

Is There Going To Be Another Blog War?

Starting with NST vs Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru, leads to bloggers gets united under Bloggers Unite and the formation of National Alliance of Bloggers. Women bloggers are potrayed as jobless housewives. Bloggers are liars and so, and so and so. In one way or another it helps make blogging more popular and bloggers emerge in the limelight.

When Screenshots published a series of blogs on SMS Scams, things get hotter and I think it came from the otherside. From thos who feels threatened by being exposed. I have written to blog about these SMS Scams by Celcom in Citizenblog too. Its here and here. After reading screenshots about the SMS Scams, I checked my last months bill and there is a Macrokiosk on my bill. I did not asked anything from them.

Jeffooi then expose a blog that counter attack on his good exposures of the scam. There thousands people out there who had been scammed but has no avenue to expose them or doesn't know how to overcome. Thanks Jeff for the exposure.

Blogger who blogs under uncle rain responded in his blog and machai.net is resorting to a personal attack on Jeff. Is there going to be a bloggers war?


Anonymous said...

The other blog jeff ooi don't want you to see. Time to promote BLOGGERS CODE OF CONDUCT and regain International perspective on Malaysia IT knowledge level. We do know how to differentiate what is real and what is false. We also know Bloggers Code of Conduct rule No.2 - blogs who help promote lie will be convicted of same imprison offense. Let's go together with Jeff ooi, prison we go.

On January 11, 2007, Ooi, alongside Ahirudin Attan, were sued by the New Straits Times Press.[5] The Malaysian court ordered Ooi to remove more than 10 postings on his blog that the NSTP claimed were libellous by January 17. Ooi is prohibited from republishing those postings in his blog or on the internet until the disposal of the defamation suit filed by New Straits Times Press (NSTP). The lawsuits are the first of their kind in Malaysia.[6] Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has defended legal action launched against him, saying the Internet was not exempt from defamation laws. [7] This lawsuit has spawned the Bloggers United campaign to defend bloggers and the freedom of expression, and Jeff Ooi and Ahirudin have chosen to defend in court. The situation resulted in the coverage of Malaysian blogging on various newspapers. A fund has also been set up to protect bloggers and support their activities, entrusting the fund to Marina Mahathir and friends.

[edit] Under defamation investigation promoting disinformation
Original scam by Jeff ooi: Currently Jeff is devoted in revealing SMS scam on his blog. His effort has gain mainstream media attention. He managed to show proof that companies like [omitted for defamation] and [omitted for defamation] are involved is SMS spoofing, and also [omitted for defamation]'s lack of control over such problem.

ISA cyber crime division conclusion: Currently Jeff is under investigation of misinformation by misleading public for SMS, SPAM and SCAM on his blog for financial benefits. His effort has been BANNED from mainstream media for defamation attempt. He has not being able to find a single proof that companies like [omitted for defamation] and [omitted for defamation] are involved is SMS spoofing, and also [omitted for defamation]'s lack of control over such problem. His unethical act has raised Malaysia mobile operators to file joint legal action promoting baseless SMS spoofing, which could only possibly conducted by mobile operators themselves, which is not true.

Anonymous said...

Who are the spammers? Not many, only few. I get SMS from these 3 companies. When asked Maxis who is Parade9 Sdn Bhd it belongs to Zingmobile. Said they are Singapore company.

Number 1 is AKN MTECH
Number 2 is Macrokisok
Number 3 is Zingmobile

How do you know? Check your phone bill or SMS received. Check their short code, they simply buy list to spam.

Macrokiosk do no scam, they spam and illegally spam to charge money. Their customers made them the largest spammer in the country and spam all the way to other countries.

If anyone wanted to help the country, just suspend each of Macrokiosk short code when they did spamming and proven spamming. No mercy!




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