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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Raja Bahrin's Story

I have been reading the book Raja Bahrin's Story: A Fathers Dramatic Rescue Mission since a week ago. I make it a point to go the the library and spent about an hour or so reading as much as I could. So I am taking up the governments challenge to read as many Malaysians do not read much. It has been many years that I did not read and finish any book.

When I was in standard 6 and that was 40 years ago, I used to finish a book within two days. Those days I read Jayne Eyre, To Kill A Mocking bird, Gullivers Travel, Last of The Mohiccans, Robinson Crusoe, the Hunchback of Notre Damne etc., etc., But the passion of reading fade away when I go to the secondary school. I have been fond of reading then but just don't know why the habit goes away with thin air.

Today I was so engrossed reading that I spent about 3 hours reading and finished a few chapters. Hope my passion for reading will come back because it really helps me to polish back my English which is becoming rusty. We don't speak English a lot these days except when conversing with old timers who go to English medium schools in their early days. Now I found it a bit difficult and seems to be lost of words when writing and for that reason I am writing blogs in English to regain back my proficiency in English. The book I have been reading is in English.

At the moment I have read about 2/3 of the book written by two author who were directly involved with the escape plan, Raja Bahrin himself and Bryan Wickham, a Scots who reside in Australia.

The Raja Bahrin's experience has been highlighted in the media when he landed safely with his son and daughter on Malaysian soil after being abducted by his former wife Jacqueline Gillispie. This is a story how deep is a fathers love who had to suffer years of missing his kids besides facing the unfair Australian Family Court.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you were to read 'once i was a princess' you would realise that in fact raja bahrins book is propaganda for the foolish public. How foolish of you to be so narrow minded not to see the truth. I hope you will never know the pain of being suddenly seperated from your mother to live with a barbaric and manipulative man who you have only seen a handful of times in your life and who is only using you as a political tool.
Your ignorance is truely astounding

flower said...

i just read the book "Once i was a princess" and i am very much looking forward to readin Bahrin's story... ZACH u must be blinded some how by something.... If u have the slightest clue what the mother has gone through... I'm a muslim myself. In the religion its a fathers duty to have children follow his religion... Surely the way he did it is so wrong and harsh... The mother was so loving and was wonderful to the children. Raja Shah was a bad example to the muslims and yet he punished his wife. He beated her and refused to spend time with the children and choose to be with a night club singer. Truely the guy was insane and manipulative. He's such a coward to write a book about his so called "struggle to get his children back".

Kandi said...

What makes me laugh is that " Once I was a princess" was banned in malaysia by Raja Bahrin.


Because he did not want people to know the truth, if he really was a loving dedicated father who was proud of what he had done, he wouldn'tve cared what people thought after reading the book by Jacqueline, he would've had faith that justice and righteousness prevailed, and that people would've understood him and his stance but just as the book describes him as manipulative and controlling he lived up to that by banning the book.

He also forced his children to leave their mother without a proper opportunity to farewell her. This was done in a dishonest manner... what kind of father snatches their children from their mother??
He did not love those kids at all, he just used them as his meal ticket. They were not even allowed to take their favourite soft toys of baseball caps..
What a joke your blog is, I pity your ignorance

ZACH said...

Thank you Kandi for your visit. Raja Bahrin has no power or authority to ban the book since is just like any other citizen of Malaysia but a prince.

Banning or allowing any publication is the jurisdiction of the relevant department of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

I am not going to dispute your views as everybody has his/her right to vioce out whatever he/she feels it right or wrong ans I consider this as an information for me and my visitors.

Thank you.

sonet said...

Hi all, I am from South Africa (not that this matters much), but I also read "Once I was a Princess" and it touched me as a mother to read the true story of another mother who's children were taken away from her!! I could in a certain way relate to Jacqueline, even though I did not marry a prince/muslim...I can relate from the marital years, the abuse, trying to get away from a man that you thought you loved with your whole being...in the end I did, but with a great sadness have to say that he has both our children today, but I am stronger than the person that just wants to call it quits, like Jacqueline I am still fighting for my children!! Lots of people all over all have different comments on what happened between the Prince and Jacqueline...in the end she is now again reunited with her children and truly if Prince Bahrin was really that a bad father or influence, I am just curiously wondering why would his children then go back to Malaysia??




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